Uncirculated Coin Set 2013

Uncirculated Coin Set 2013

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Uncirculated Coin Set 2013
  • Contains 28 uncirculated coins
  • Minted at the United States Mint at Philadelphia (14) and Denver (14)
  • Sets in each folder are the fourth annual release of the America the Beautiful Quarters, the seventh annual release from the Presidential $1 Coin Program, one Native American $1 Coin, a Kennedy half-dollar, a Roosevelt dime, a Jefferson nickel, and a Lincoln penny
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Additional Information

The 2013 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set® includes two newly designed folders containing 14 coins each. One folder is from the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia and the other is from the U.S. Mint at Denver, for a total of (28) coins in uncirculated quality.

The 2013 edition of the U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coin Set features the following coins in each folder:

  • The fourth annual release of five quarters in the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program;
  • The seventh annual release of four coins from the Presidential $1 Coin Program;
  • One Native American $1 Coin, Kennedy half-dollar, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickel, and Lincoln penny.

Each coin in the quarter series features a common obverse (heads) with the 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan, which has been restored to bring out subtle details and the beauty of the original model. Inscriptions are “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “LIBERTY,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” and “QUARTER DOLLAR.”

The 2013 reverse (tails) of these coins honors the sites below with the following designs:

White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire:
This design depicts Mt. Chocorua, the easternmost peak of the Sandwich Range, framed by birch trees. It is an iconic view of the White Mountain National Forest system lands. Inscriptions are “WHITE MOUNTAIN,” “NEW HAMPSHIRE,” “2013,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial in Ohio:
This design features the statue of Master Commandant Oliver Hazard Perry with the Peace Memorial located in the distance. The memorial is one of the tallest of its kind in the US Inscriptions are “PERRY’S VICTORY,” “OHIO,” “2013,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

Great Basin National Park in Nevada:
This design features the beauty and unique qualities of a single Bristlecone Pine tree and shows the rocky glacial moraines where the this type of tree grows. Bristlecone pines grow at a higher elevation in the park than other trees and are some of the world’s oldest trees. The park contains numerous bristlecone pine groves with trees older than 4,000 years. Inscriptions are “GREAT BASIN,” “NEVADA,” “2013,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine in Maryland:
This design represents the site during the Defenders’ Day celebration, considered the centerpiece annual event held at Fort McHenry. The fireworks symbolize the rocket’s red glare, linking the fort to its historic past. Inscriptions are “FORT McHENRY,” “MARYLAND,” “2013,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota:
This design was inspired by photos of men who are adding the final details to Thomas Jefferson’s face. Mount Rushmore was featured on three 1991 Mount Rushmore Golden Anniversary Commemorative Coins and on the 2006 South Dakota quarter issued under the 50 State Quarters® Program. This new design is distinctly different and offers a unique and educational perspective on how Mount Rushmore was created and sculpted. Inscriptions are “MOUNT RUSHMORE,” “SOUTH DAKOTA,” “2013,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

Each coin in the Presidential $1 Coin Program has a common reverse (tails) design featuring a striking rendition of the Statue of Liberty. These 2013 coins feature large, dramatic artwork as well as edge-incused inscriptions of the year of minting or issuance, “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and the mint mark. “IN GOD WE TRUST” appears on the face of the coin.

The 2013 obverses (heads) design of these coins honor these presidents:

William McKinley:
This design features an image of William McKinley with the inscriptions “WILLIAM MCKINLEY,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” “25th PRESIDENT,” and “1897-1901.”

Theodore Roosevelt:
This design features an image of Theodore Roosevelt with the inscriptions “THEODORE ROOSEVELT,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” “26th PRESIDENT,” and “1901-1909.”

William Howard Taft:
This design features an image of William Howard Taft with the inscriptions “WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” “27th PRESIDENT,” and “1909-1913.”

Woodrow Wilson:
This design features an image of Woodrow Wilson with the inscriptions “WOODROW WILSON,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” “28th PRESIDENT,” and “1913-1921.”

The obverse (heads) design of the Native American $1 Coin retains the central figure of the “Sacagawea” design first produced in 2000 with the inscriptions “LIBERTY” and “IN GOD WE TRUST.” The 2013 Native American reverse (tails) design is entitled Delaware Treaty (1778) and features a turkey, howling wolf, and turtle (all symbols of the clans of the Delaware Tribe), as well as a ring of 13 stars to represent the Colonies.

There are no design changes to the half-dollar, dime, nickel, or penny.

U.S. Mint uncirculated coins are struck on special presses using greater force than what is used for circulating coins, producing a sharp, intricately detailed image. The coins are sealed in blisters and displayed in folders.

Denomination: Penny Nickel Dime Quarter Half-dollar Presidential $1 Coins Native American $1 Coins
Composition: 2.5% Copper, Balance Zinc 25% Nickel, Balance Copper 8.33% Nickel, Balance Copper 8.33% Nickel, Balance Copper 8.33% Nickel, Balance Copper 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese, 2% Nickel, Balance Copper 6% Zinc, 3.5% Manganese, 2% Nickel, Balance Copper
Weight: 2.500 grams 5.000 grams 2.268 grams 5.670 grams 11.340 grams 8.100 grams 8.100 grams
Diameter: 0.750 inch (19.1 mm) 0.835 inch (21.2 mm) 0.705 inch (17.9 mm) 0.955 inch (24.3 mm) 1.205 inches (30.61 mm) 1.043 inches (26.49 mm) 1.043 inches (26.49 mm)
Edge: Plain Plain Reeded Reeded Reeded Lettered Lettered
Mint and Mint Mark for Philadelphia folder: None Philadelphia - P Philadelphia - P Philadelphia - P Philadelphia - P Philadelphia - P Philadelphia - P
Mint and Mint Mark for Denver folder: Denver - D Denver - D Denver - D Denver - D Denver - D Denver - D Denver - D
Coins included in each “P” and “D” folder of this set:
  • Five America the Beautiful Quarters® Program Coins;
  • Four Presidential $1 Coins;
  • One Native American $1 Coin, half dollar, dime, nickel and penny.
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