The U.S. Mint produces national medals to commemorate significant historical events of the Nation, or to honor those persons whose superior deeds and achievements have enriched our history, or the world. When legislation permits, bronze duplicates (90% copper, 10% zinc), of congressional Gold Medals, are struck for sale to the public.

Bicentennial and Centennial Medals

A great addition to every collection, bicentennial and centennial medals are produced in either gold, silver, or bronze.

Code Talker Medals

Code Talker Medals are produced to honor the Native American tribes who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during World War I and World War II.

Historical Event Medals

U.S. Mint Historic Event Medals honor and recognize key national and worldwide events.

Humanitarian and Cultural Medals

These special medals honor individuals and events that have had an impact not just in American history, but the entire world.

Military Medals

This selection of bronze medals commemorates the history of our military and honors those who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Presidential Medals

Unique and compelling, the Presidential Medals in bronze and silver are a stunning representation of our Nation’s leaders and history.

Silver Medals

U.S. Mint silver medals feature historic designs that reflect classic American themes and values.

Treasury and Mint Medals

The U.S. Mint medal series honors Secretaries of the Treasury, Directors of the Mint, and historic buildings across the country.

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