Whether you’re passionate about women in history or the military, the U.S. Mint has the perfect keepsake for you. Each Mint-quality collection can include circulating and uncirculated coins, gold and silver coins, silver and bronze medals, and so much more. We invite you to shop our variety of themed products that are sure to speak to your personal interests.

Whether you’re passionate about women’s history or the military, the U.S. Mint has the perfect keepsake for you.

Military Coins & Medals

Our collection of Military Coins & Medals honors the legacy of veterans, the history of the U.S. military branches, and the impact that our brave soldiers have had on our Nation.

African American Coins & Medals

Our Mint-quality African American Coins & Medals celebrate the African American community and their achievements that helped our country progress in civil rights, education, and military efforts.

Native American Coins & Medals

Our Native American Coins & Medals pay homage to the Native American community, their service to America, and their contributions to this Nation.

Presidential Coins & Medals

The Presidential Coins & Medals collection celebrates the leadership of past Presidents and the history of the office itself.

American Women’s History Coins & Medals

Our collection of American Women Coins & Medals features female pioneers and their accomplishments that have helped advance the U.S. in science, racial equality, and many other fields.

Sports Coins & Medals

Our curated collection of Sports Coins & Medals recognizes American sportsmanship, the achievements of teams and individual players and tell powerful, inspirational stories.

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