Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Silver Medal
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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Silver Medal

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Rutherford B. Hayes won the contentious 1876 Presidential election with a single electoral vote and a promise to not seek a second term. After serving as a Major General during the Civil War, Hayes was troubled by the divisions still present in the country. In his inaugural address he stated his wishes to “have not merely a united North or a united South, but a united country.” While upholding reconciliation and reconstruction of the South, President Hayes sought to protect the rights of all Americans, including those who were formerly enslaved. When racist laws that sought to limit or exclude Black Americans from voting arrived at his desk, Hayes wielded his veto power, stating that all citizens had the right to “to cast one unintimidated ballot and to have his ballot honestly counted." Hayes further wielded his executive power during the Great Railway Strike of 1877, sending federal troops to quell violence and protect both public and private property.

At the conclusion of his term, President Hayes kept his promise to be a one-term President and did not seek re-election. He retired from political life but continued to work towards the betterment of the Nation, promoting educational funds and programs, especially for Black Americans, believing education to be the best way to promote equality and self-reliance for all Americans.

This stunning Presidential Silver Medal commemorates Rutherford B. Hayes’ Presidency in 99.9% fine silver. It was expertly crafted by the United States Mint.

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