Hollywood Career and Becoming a Political Activist

1937 - 1964
“[T]here are no limits to growth and human progress when men and women are free to follow their dreams.” Second Inaugural Address, 1985

During this period of his life, Ronald Reagan honed many of the talents critical to his future success. He evolved from a likable presence on the radio and in films to a leader who could inspire and persuade others to follow him as he championed a range of causes.

After his success in radio, Ronald Reagan was ready for the next chapter. Before the next two decades were over, he would become a star on the silver screen, enlist in the Army, meet the love of his life, and become a TV spokesman and corporate ambassador.

As a union leader, Reagan became someone who could pull together people of various interests and agendas to reach agreements, an invaluable skill for a political leader. Whether uniting his co–workers or encouraging people to think about political values, Ronald Reagan was constantly fine–tuning the abilities that ultimately took him to the pinnacle of American politics.

These were the years that made Reagan the man he was destined to become. His life in front of the camera and in the Army, as well as his work as an advocate, all irrevocably changed him and prepared him for his next challenge—politics. This is how a young Hollywood actor evolved into a world leader.

Reagan Series
Reagan Series