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What is “personalization?”

We can print a special message on the product packaging for select United States Mint products. You can use the message to add a personal touch (for example, “For the New Baby,” “Congratulations,” or “Happy Holidays”) to your gift. You may choose from more than 25 messages. Please note that we use “personalization” and “customization” interchangeably in this FAQ and on our website.

How much does personalization cost?

You will be charged $8.95 to personalize each product.

How do I personalize a product?

Pages containing products whose packages can be personalized have an “add personal message” checkbox on their web pages. When you select the checkbox, you will be able to choose gold or silver printing and select your personal message from the list provided.

If you are viewing a page that lists multiple products, you will see a “customize” note above products on whose case you can add a message from the personalization list.

Where is the message printed?

The message is printed on the product’s case, not on the coin or medal itself. Here is an example of a personalized product case.

Can I see a preview of the message on the product?

No. Our system does not have this capability. However, you can see how a typical message will look on the product’s case by clicking the “View Example” link near the “add personal message” checkbox on the product page. When you do this, you will see photograph(s) of the product with a sample message on its case.

Please note that you need to select a message color before the “View Example” link will appear. This is so we can show you a sample using the print color you chose.

What products are available for personalization?

The United States Mint offers a variety of products for personalization. You can view our list of products available for personalization here. We may add additional products to this program in the future.

How long will personalization be offered on these specific products?

While the personalization program is ongoing, personalization for specific participating products will be available through the last purchase date applicable to the product or until the product sells out, whichever is earlier. The United States Mint reserves the right to terminate the personalization program at any time.

Does it take extra time to process an order for a product with personalization?

Yes, it takes an additional 2 business days to process orders with personalization.

Can I personalize multiple copies of the same product?

Yes. There are two ways you can do this:

If you wish to purchase multiple copies of a product with the same message on each:

  • Select a quantity greater than 1 on the product’s page
  • Click the box to add a personal message
  • Choose your print color and select the message you wish to use
  • Add the products to your cart

If you wish to purchase multiple copies of a product with different messages on each, you will need to add them to your cart individually:

  • Select a quantity of 1 on the product’s page
  • Click the box to add a personal message
  • Choose your print color and select the message you wish to use
  • Add the product to your cart
  • Repeat the previous steps, selecting a different message on each copy of the product you wish to personalize.

Can I return or exchange a personalized product?

Yes. The United States Mint’s existing return and exchange policy applies to personalized products.

What kinds of personalized messages are available?

  • You may choose from a list of over 25 different messages in our pulldown menu. You cannot customize the message or enter your own text.
  • We offer personalization in the colors Gold and Silver. Some products may only offer one color if the product’s packaging is not suitable for both colors. Please note the Gold and Silver font colors are inks, not gold or silver foils.
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