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Loyalty Program

The United States Mint Loyalty Program

As a special thank you to our most loyal customers, we would like to introduce you to the United States Mint Loyalty Program. When you make three or more purchases, you’ll enjoy free shipping on all future orders placed the same year and shipped within the United States.


Registered Users

You need to have a Mint customer account and be subscribed to emails. Be sure to log into the same account for all your purchases.

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Three Orders Per Year

Place 3 orders in the calendar year to be eligible for free shipping. Qualification will be made when your order ships.

All Purchases Count

All your orders (web, phone, or subscription) count toward your minimum order total. Subscription orders receive free budget shipping by default, but must ship before they count towards Loyalty Program qualification.

Free Budget Shipping

Once you qualify for the United States Mint Loyalty Program, you’ll automatically receive free budget shipping for all future orders shipped within the United States that are placed in the same calendar year.

Restarts Yearly

Total order count for program qualification restarts on January 1st each year.

Live Chat

Live Chat

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