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Do I need to return Free Accompanying Items I received with a required purchase?

What if I want to return the “required purchase item” for exchange or refund?

In order to receive an exchange or refund for the “required purchase item,” in addition to returning the “required purchase item,” you must also return all free accompanying “bonus” items. This requirement was instituted to avoid potential abuse of our return policy by customers only wishing to obtain the free accompanying “bonus” item.

What happens if I want to exchange the free accompanying “bonus” item?

The United States Mint will not be issuing exchange replacements for this item. It is a complimentary item for which you incurred no cost.

Why is the return and exchange of these items handled this way?

We are requiring this for one reason: to alleviate abuse of our return policy by customers who just wish to obtain the free accompanying “bonus” item. The free accompanying “bonus” item will be part of every order meeting the required minimum purchase requirements and must accompany every return of the required purchase items.

Is a free accompanying “bonus” item sold separately?

Generally, no. There is usually a required minimum purchase amount or specific item and quantity that must be purchased to qualify for any free or premium items offered. If there is an offer of a free accompanying item it will be noted on the website, product page, during checkout, or on your order confirmation.

Will there be a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) for the free accompanying “bonus” item?

Usually, there will not be a COA for the free accompanying “bonus” item unless that item is an actual set that can be purchased alone.

What happens if I ordered and/or received a free accompanying item in error?

You should contact the Mint for instructions. The Mint may also reach out via email or letter to inform you of the error and provide instructions for return. This is to maintain fairness for our customers who met purchase requirements to obtain the free item. If there is an opportunity for you to keep the free item it will be offered. You may request reimbursement of shipping costs for the return but must present the receipt along with your request.

What if I don’t return the free accompanying item?

Customers who have obtained the free accompanying item without making the required purchase will be contacted by Mint. The Mint may also place a hold on the customer’s account and all open/unshipped orders pending the return of the free accompanying item(s). The hold will prevent future orders and prevent open orders from shipping. The holds will only be released when the item is returned and received.

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