Soaring Since 1782

The bald eagle is strong, graceful, and a symbol of our freedom. To honor the spirit of this enduring species, the U.S. Mint has created a stunning collection of coins representing everything our National symbol has stood for since 1782.

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To Defend and Protect

Since 1775, the United States Army has been guarding our freedom and the American way of life with great courage and conviction. For those who fought for it then, and those who defend it now, the U.S. Mint is proud to recognize their service here around the world.

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With Pride and Purpose

America’s Navy is a force that goes beyond sea power in order to support peace and humanity across the globe. It leads with purpose and importance and is where it counts, when it counts. Join us in commemorating their service here and abroad with this bicentennial medal.

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Trained to Win

Inside every Marine is a relentless fighting spirit that stands up for others. They’re trained to overcome obstacles both physical and mental, and do not quit until the battle is won. Honor more than two centuries of their heroic duty with a bicentennial medal.

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Maritime Defenders

Since 1790, in peacetime or war, the United States Coast Guard has been responsible for maritime safety, security, and environmental protection in U.S. ports and waterways around the world. Recognize these defenders with this beautifully detailed bicentennial medal.

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Women Airforce Service Pilots

The Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) were the first women in American history to fly military aircraft. These pioneers aided our Nation when America faced a shortage of combat pilots during World War II while forging the way for women pilots into the Armed Services.

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Honor our military’s contributions with coins and medals from the United States Mint. Whether you’re growing your own collection, paying tribute to a veteran or active service member, or inspiring a new collector, our military medals are a wonderful place to start.