Being a good father is hard work, and it’s sometimes hard telling our dads how
much we appreciate what they do for us. This Father’s Day, give your dad a gift
he’ll remember just as fondly as you remember him teaching you how to tie your
shoes, play soccer or make the best pancakes you’ve ever tasted.

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Dads as Leaders

Our dads lead by example, and Father’s Day is that special time for letting them know how much you appreciate their leadership. This year, consider Father’s Day gifts honoring leaders they might admire, such as Presidents Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama.

The Ronald Reagan Coin and Chronicles Set is beautifully packaged and features a 2016 Presidential $1 Reverse Proof Coin, an American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof Dollar, a Ronald and Nancy Reagan bronze medal, and an illustrated booklet that tells his story. And we offer bronze medals that commemorate both of President Obama’s two terms in office. The U.S. Mint has these and a wide variety of other gifts honoring leaders our fathers admire.

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Dad Appreciates The

The classic designs of the U. S. Mint’s American Eagle Silver and Gold Coins never go out of style. These coins have been issued every year for decades and continue to be among our most popular coins. They make unique and distinctive gifts that symbolize America’s spirit and say “Happy Father’s Day” like nothing else will.

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The Memory Maker

Many of our fathers are keenly attuned to American history. Maybe some of the stories they told you at bedtime helped form your world view or gave you brave heroes to emulate. The U.S. Mint has dozens of medals available honoring a variety of people, events, and places that tell America’s story and make affordable, distinctive Father’s Day gifts.

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