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The United States Mint at West Point creates some of the Mint’s most beloved collector’s pieces which are prized around the world. These treasured coins include American Eagle proof and uncirculated coins in gold, silver, and platinum. American Buffalo gold bullion coins and commemorative coins are also produced at the West Point Mint. Each coin produced by the West Point Mint is designated by a small, capital letter “W” on the obverse, or “heads,” side.

The West Point facility began as a storage house for silver bullion in 1938 and officially become a branch of the United States Mint in 1988. In the intervening years, the facility would strike pennies, bicentennial quarters (in honor of the 200th anniversary of our Nation’s independence) and gold medals. It was not until 2019 that the West Point Mint would for the first time mint coins for circulation, beginning with 10 million America the Beautiful Quarters® Program.

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  • Masterpieces in Brilliant Platinum
    Masterpieces in Brilliant Platinum
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