The United States Mint located in Philadelphia holds the distinction as the Nation’s first mint. Designated by a small capital letter “P”, the Philadelphia Mint produces circulating coins, and numismatic pieces, such as annual uncirculated coin sets, commemorative coins, and medals. Our team of Sculptor-Engravers who create the designs and models for coins work out of the Philadelphia Mint. Since 1792, they’ve helped design and sculpt the iconic imagery detailing the compelling history of our Nation as seen on all United States coins and medals.

The first mint was established by the Coinage Act of 1792 in Philadelphia, the Nation’s capital at the time. In March of 1793, the Philadelphia Mint began producing circulating coins in copper, silver, and gold. As the only operating United States Mint in the earliest decades of a new Nation, coins produced at the Philadelphia Mint did not carry mint marks. The Philadelphia “P” mint mark only appeared on coins from 1942-1945. Since 1980 all of Philadelphia’s coins, except the cent, receive the “P” mint mark. The Philadelphia Mint began striking pennies with the “P” in 2017.

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  • Limited-Mintage Series Honors Law Enforcement
    Limited-Mintage Series Honors Law Enforcement
    Treasury Department Seal