First Spouse Coins

The United States Mint is proud to offer its First Spouse Gold Coins honoring Barbara Bush. Widely known for her passion for helping everyone reach their full potential, she worked tirelessly to promote family literacy. The coins' reverse design is emblematic of her important work, depicting a person reading, with an open road symbolizing literacy, knowledge, and life’s journey. The sun represents the promise of a brighter future. The obverse features her portrait.
The coins celebrating the legacy of Mrs. Bush continue the Mint’s series honoring the indelible work and rich history of our Nation’s First Spouses. The First Spouse Gold Coin series features coins crafted in 24-karat gold and available in proof and uncirculated finishes. The obverses (heads side) feature portraits of the First Spouses and inscriptions of their names, the order and years of their term as First Spouse, while the unique reverse (tails) designs feature images emblematic of that spouse’s life and work.
Image of First Spouse Coins
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