2020 American Eagle Silver Coins

Crafted in 99.9 percent silver, these coins splendidly showcase U.S. Commission of Fine Arts member Adolph A. Weinman’s iconic presentation of Lady Liberty. The design, titled Walking Liberty, is more than 100 years old and depicts a full-length Lady Liberty in purposeful stride toward the sun, cloaked in star-spangled folds of the flag. The reverse design is a brilliant likeness of the revered American eagle. The 2019 American Eagle Silver Coins are available with proof and uncirculated finishes.

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American Eagle Silver Proof Coins

Walking Liberty and the classic American eagle come radiantly to life in sharp relief against a mirror-like background. The proof-finished coins featuring designs of the highest quality are produced at both the West Point (W mint mark) and San Francisco (S mint mark) Mints.

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American Eagle Silver Uncirculated Coin

The American Eagle Uncirculated Coins make perfect complements to their proof counterparts. The brilliant, satin finish unique to uncirculated coins highlights Weinman’s Walking Liberty on the coin’s obverse and the American eagle on the reverse. These collector’s pieces feature the “W” mint mark of the West Point Mint.

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2020 American Eagle Gold Coins

Renowned sculptor and artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens originally created his likeness of Lady Liberty at the personal invitation of President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905. President Roosevelt wanted the coins of the time to reflect our Nation’s identity and growing place on the world stage. Saint-Gaudens’ rendition, shown on the 2019 American Eagle Gold Coins, is a full-length Liberty with flowing hair, holding a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left. The gold coins, struck in 22-karat gold at the West Point Mint, are available in proof and uncirculated finishes.

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American Eagle Gold Proof Coins

The ensemble of American Eagle Gold Proof Coins includes one-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and one-tenth ounce sizes. A four-coin proof set contains one of each. Each lustrous proof coin showcases Saint-Gaudens’ full-length figure of Liberty on a stunning mirror-like background.

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Available November 19

American Eagle Gold Uncirculated Coin

The exquisite American Eagle Gold Uncirculated Coins are collector versions of the official United States Mint American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins. Their beautiful finish highlights Saint-Gaudens’ obverse design and the male eagle on the reverse. The uncirculated gold coins are available only in the one-ounce size.

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