California Politics & Presidential Race

1964 - 1980
“Thomas Jefferson made a comment about the Presidency and age. He said that one should not worry about one’s exact chronological age in reference to his ability to perform one’s task. And ever since he told me that, I stopped worrying.” Remarks at the Annual Salute to Congress Dinner, 1981

From a modest upbringing in the Midwest to a successful career in Hollywood, Ronald Reagan embodied the American Dream well before his 30th birthday. His early achievements were not coincidental: Reagan was a hard worker whose exceptional leadership abilities, charisma, and ambition propelled him forward toward his passions.

But his acting career was just the beginning. He may have moved to California to pursue movie stardom, but by the time he left, Reagan had become a renowned political activist and a leader of the American conservative movement. Indeed, his warm personality and consummate oratorical skills proved valuable well beyond the silver screen.

Reagan Series
Reagan Series