Paper Currency

Our unique array of paper currency products offers wonderful choices for collectors, customers, and gift-givers alike, including the much beloved Lucky Money Collection and a host of educational and entertaining Premium Products. For collectors who love to give or receive one of the most popular gifts—money—we offer Uncut Currency Sheets that feature notes from $1 to $100. With such a variety of options, you’re sure to find collectibles ready to display and share!

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Engraved Prints

These works of art make wonderful gifts for the home or office. Our engraved prints are created using intaglio plate printing. In the plate printing process, ink is applied to a plate so that it remains only in the engraved areas. Paper is then laid atop the plate, and the two are pressed together under great pressure. As a result, the ink from the recessed areas is pulled onto paper, creating a finished image commonly called an engraving. You’ll find engravings that feature distinguished Presidential portraits, landmarks and monuments; historical documents; and special engravings celebrating our military.

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The United States Mint is the official online retailer for Bureau of Engraving and Printing currency and engraving products.

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