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2012 American Eagle One Ounce Platinum Proof Coin (PJ6)

Price: $1,700.00

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American Eagle Platinum Proof Coins are available in limited mintages in the one ounce size. The obverse features Lady Liberty, symbolizing vigilance and faithfulness to duty.

The reverse design is emblematic of the principle “To Provide for the Common Defence,”the fourth of six principles of American democracy found in the Preamble to the United States Constitution. A vigilant minuteman from the Revolutionary War represents the protection and defense of the country during its early days. The minuteman carries a rifle and a book, which symbolizes the importance of knowledge in defending our Nation. It also features an American Eagle privy mark from an original “coin punch” identified at the United States Mint at Philadelphia. Inscriptions include UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1 oz., .9995 PLATINUM and $100.

Each 2012 American Eagle One Ounce Platinum Proof Coin contains 99.95 percent pure platinum and is packaged in a custom-designed portfolio presentation case.

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Effective August 29, 2012, there are no household order limits for this product.

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