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Native American $1 Coin 250-Coin Box – Philadelphia Subscription – $275.95 per unit. (RF)

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Starting with your registration date for this subscription program, you will receive the next 250-coin box within the Native American $1 Coin Series scheduled for release–the 2015 Native American $1 Coin 250-Coin Box – Philadelphia.

Each 250-coin box is comprised of 250 coins−10 rolls of 25 coins with the “P” mint mark (Philadelphia). Each coin roll is wrapped with United States Mint coin paper depicting the design, a “P” representing the roll’s mint of origin, and “$25,” representing its contents’ face value. These rolls contain $1 circulating quality coins minted on our main production floor at the United States Mint at Philadelphia that have never been placed into circulation.

We will make every effort to ensure product availability but cannot guarantee it, especially in cases of limited mintages. Earlier releases are available for separate purchase while supplies last.

Please Note: United States Mint coins are rolled by an automated machine process and not by hand. We cannot guarantee that the obverse (heads) or reverse (tails) of a coin will be at either end of a coin roll.

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