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Opening of Philadelphia Mint Bronze Medal 1-5/16"  (701)

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This medal commemorates the official opening of the largest and most modern facility ever to house the United States Mint at Philadelphia, and the fourth move in its 177-year history.

The obverse of the medal features a view of the facility’s main entrance on Independence Mall with its name and date of opening inscribed under the building: “UNITED STATES MINT PHILADELPHIA AUGUST 14, 1969.” The inscription “DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY” is centered along the bottom of the medal.

The reverse of the medal features the national emblem of the United States, the eagle, with the wings displayed. The balanced scales of Justice, and the key denoting an office of state. In the eagle’s right talons is the olive branch, symbolic of peace.

Design: Obverse - Philip E. Fowler
Reverse - Edgar Z. Steever
Struck Under
Authority of:
31 U.S.C. § 5111(a)(2)
Place Minted:Philadelphia (no mint mark)

50th Anniversary of the KENNEDY HALF-DOLLAR