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United States Mint Canvas Coin Bag (5B9)

Sold Out
The United States Mint is pleased to announce the availability of something special. For almost a century, bags have been the most convenient method used to transport coins from the Mint facilities. These bags were sewn shut, and when emptied, were returned to the United States Mint for re-use. In the last few years, technological advancements have rendered canvas bags obsolete. Now the United States Mint utilizes special one-time use “bulk” bags that hold a ton of coins and can only be moved by forklift. The canvas bag now joins other functional elements of the United States Mint’s past, like gold boxes, on the shelves of numismatic history. We had a number of canvas bags left over when we adopted the new technology, and have decided to make them available to collectors, especially those who feel the history of the United States Mint is as important as the history of its coinage. The bags measure 10.5” by 17” and are priced at $8.95 each. Given their authenticity, the condition of these bags varies although they were never used, and they are being sold “as-is.” Requests for specific denominations cannot be accommodated. Make a pillow for your armchair, a tote bag for coin conventions, or just put it away with your other coin treasures! Buy one today to secure your piece of coinage history.