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George Washington Folio (W07)

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The first in the Mint's Coin & Chronicles Collection-an historic product partnership between the National Archives & Records Administration and the United States Mint-the George Washington Folio honors America's founding father and first president. Reproductions of historic documents highlight important milestones in George Washington's life and the history of the U.S. Mint, which was instituted during his administration.

The deluxe folio contains six historic document reproductions, which includes the following:

  1. George Washington's acceptance of his appointment as General and Commander-in-Chief,
  2. George Washington's first inaugural address in his own handwriting,
  3. Resolution respecting the establishment of a mint,
  4. George Washington's nomination of the first director of the Mint,
  5. George Washington's fourth annual message to Congress, and
  6. George Washington's nomination to military appointment by John Adams.

Each document, both front and back, was meticulously photographed at the National Archive Headquarters in Washington, D.C., under the strict supervision of conservation specialists. All are the exact size of the originals, and every crease, pencil mark, ink smudge, foxing and tear has been captured. The weight of the paper has been matched as closely as possible to the original and every tonal distinction has been captured, even to matching the different shades of paper in the pages of George Washington's inaugural address caused by different conservation techniques. All documents have been die-cut along the edges to match the most recent restorations. These are truly remarkable reproductions of the original documents housed in the National Archives, each of which is suitable for framing.

Included in the folio is a comprehensive historical narrative for each document along with fascinating comments on the conservation techniques that have been used over the centuries to reserve these important, but delicate, building blocks of our nation's history. This magnificent assemblage of historic document reproductions makes a perfect complement to your coin collection or a unique and thoughtful gift for an Americana enthusiast or historian!